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A pie bird is a whimsical ceramic baking accessory, small but also decorative they are so easy to use and highly collectable. A pie funnel is a ‘must have’ for anyone who bakes pies. They are used in baking pies to prevent the pie filling from boiling over in the oven by allowing the steam to escape through a vent hole. They also support the pastry crust in the centre of the pie to prevent sagging.

Pie Birds or Pie Funnels as they are known in England vary in size, shape and price. Sometimes referred to as steam vents or pie vents, they have been used since Victorian Times, surely you can remember your Grandma having one?

More serious collectors prefer genuinely old ones but as the interest in ceramics over the years have progressed, collectors are now beginning to appreciate the handmade unusual ones just for the sake of collecting.Pie birds were once little kitchen gadgets, rarely costing much over £1 ($5.) But in the last 20 years, collecting has reached such proportions that many new 'birds' are on the market, not necessarily masquerading as the old ones, but as collectable's in their own right.

Pie Funnels mass produced from moulds bought in, are in the low end of that range, while more elaborate and detailed ones by certain makers are obviously more expensive. English made pie birds are generally preferred, although some collectors specialize in certain makers, prices can be in the hundreds for rare "birds," now in modern times they have been produced in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Displayed in your home, they will be a true conversation piece.

Traditionally they were nearly always in the shape of a bird or an inverted funnel with arches on the bottom for the steam to enter, now in modern times they have been produced in a multitude of shapes and sizes as you can see from my designs shown here.


What is a pie bird anyway?

Donnaware Potty Pie Birds are only available from Here!...direct from the maker.

Hand made in England.

coloured birds piebirds by Donnaware
blackbird pie funnel by Donnaware
Baby Duck piebird by Donnaware
Rebel Rooster and Rabbit piebirds by Donnaware
Juicy Lucy's Perfect Pies centrepiece
blackbird in pie pic